Who are we

We understand cleanliness and your happiness as our primary goal.

We at Global Lions Services Company, provide efficient cleaning at affordable prices, customized as per our clientele's need. Serving our clients with areas of cleaned-to-perfection, we make sure everything is simply spotless to make you shine.

Core Values:

  1. Integrity & Loyalty: We keep things transparent. We believe in total customer satisfaction and excellence in our work.
  2. Quality: We do not compromise on our performance. We achieve the highest levels.
  3. Knowledge: We operate with dynamic equipment and only adopt the latest technology for our cleaning and sanitizing services.
  4. Leadership: We receive our clients attentively and end the deal cordially.
Why work with us

Tailor-made cleaning. Unmatched excellence.

  1. Customer Delight: Our clientele is the reason we grow. Keeping them as our top priority, we serve with excellence & professionalism.
  2. Quality: We provide all- round cleaning and sanitization to our customers and aim to be a synonym to premium cleaning.
  3. Flexibility: With dynamic understanding of our clients’ need we engage in only the best to provide the best.
  4. Health & Safety: Giving attention to our clients’ and our working staff’s health and safety are our prime interests.
  5. Eco-friendly approach: Nature is what gives us all in abundance. At Global Lions Cleaning & Sanitization, we employ only eco-friendly products in all our services.
  6. State-of-the-art Technology: Advanced technology and our commitment go hand-in-hand. We deliver only the best using the most advanced technology.
Industry Focus

We aim for safety with spotless shine, at all times.


At Global Lions Cleaning & Sanitization, we believe in reaching heights of success as we serve our clients. The management & staff coordinate proficiently to present working conditions as needed by our clientele.

  1. Office Spaces: Maintaining the office spaces clean and neat, expands the professional front-face of the company and boosts morale of the experts of the workplace.
  2. Education Sector: When it comes to students, they need to feel safe at home for maximum learning experience. With extensive understanding of the educational facility, we provide our services from pre & post-secondary schools to tertiary learning institutions.
  3. Hospitality & Leisure sector: We aim to keep the image of the hospitality industry spotless. We have skilled staff who understand the growing needs of the hospitality sector and work accordingly to keep it clean and sanitized as required.
  4. Healthcare Sector: With fatal diseases on the rise, we provide cleaning and sanitizing services, monitored under experts for a sterilized environment.
  5. Retail Sector: Be it shops, stores, malls or more, the staff at Global Lions Services Company are trained to professionally clean on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Financial Sector: If money is what guides our clients in their business dealings, then we make them neat and clean. We provide exceptional cleaning and sanitizing making them look and feel good.
  7. Industrial, Manufacturing & Distribution: Machinery and hard floor are not a worry to us with our state-of-the-art technology. We make every corner of your warehouse cleaner, and shine spotless.
  8. Government: We build relations on reliability, for the long run. We provide a professional front in all the highly secured areas, private and public buildings for safe & secure cleaning and sanitizing.
  9. Sports & Entertainment: With customized plans, we aim to suit the cleaning of stadiums, theatres, health-clubs, gyms and country clubs for use of services safely.
  10. Construction: Post construction cleaning can be a hard task to do. We at Global Lions Cleaning & Sanitization, clean houses in residential sites to independent developers in multiple sites, refurbished hotels, leisure developments, shopping malls, retail, business & industrial parks and more just the way you need them.
Our people

Our staff is the front-face of our company and their best is what our clients get. Our employees are well equipped to provide quality service every day.

From specific uniforms to day-to-day training, we gather, understand and impart training needed as per the specific industry for an all-round development.

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